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Sustainable products: Value proposition to our customers

Our products can help to lower the ecological footprint and to improve the living environment.

  • Energy saving:
    Dependent on the structure or density, a carpet can help to insulate a home against the cold. Our products help reduce energy consumption for heating by up to 12%.
  • Sound insulating:
    Carpet insulates against sound and creates a welcoming, cozy atmosphere. The result, a quieter, healthier way of life.
  • Recycling possible:
    Our carpets are manufactured from synthetic fibres or wool. They can be recycled or re-used in products such as insulation. Carpet waste can also be used to generate energy.
  • Safe:
    There is little risk to of slipping on carpet and the consequences of an accident on this floor are less severe than on hard flooring thus making it safer.
  • Improved indoor air:
    A textile floor helps to make a living environment healthier. It retains fine dust particles and ‘cleans’ the indoor air quality.
  • Easy to clean:
    Carpet can be cleaned and maintained very easily. It consumes less energy during the cleaning process than most other flooring products.
  • Easy to install:
    Our products can be installed with using eco-friendly methods such as stretching, fixation or adhesion (see adhesion products with eco labels).
  • Healthy:
    All our carpets are free of any harmful substances and are tested GUT to ensure a healthy product that enhances the quality of a living environment.
  • Quality tested:
    Our carpets conform with the relevant European Regulations and Norms. They are applied with severance and tested by independent laboratories.
  • Reach compliant:
    We are fully committed to the REACH guidelines on hazardous substances and make sure that all our raw material is in accordance with those regulations.
  • Eco friendly technology:
    Our product know-how supports continuous design of innovative features that further reduce the ecological footprint (e.g. carpets made from corn fibres).
  • Quality:
    Our textile products are produced in integrated production sites ensuring quality controlled processes and best performance in their respective price category.
  • Service:
    We ensure on-time, eco-friendly delivery by our effective production planning and by combining freight as much as possible.