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Sustainable products: making products better for the planet

As a leading floor covering manufacturer, we know that customers are won and retained by delivering products that are innovative, sustainable and of high-performance. As part of our ambition to become more sustainable it is important that we reduce the impact of our products, whilst also ensuring they meet the needs of our customers by improved well-being through our products. 

The primary goal of our product development is to work towards increasing recycled content and making products easier to recycle and thereby achieving a circular life cycle process. We are committed to finding solutions that help us to achieve this. We are now using increased amounts of recycled raw materials in pile yarns and backings and research is being conducted in end-of-life solutions. As an example of the progress we have made, 32% of the modulyss carpet tile collection for commercial use employs ECONYL® regenerated yarn as a face fibre. We also used recycled polypropylene or 100% recycled PET for the non-woven backing produced by Captiqs, with 37% of all non-woven felt produced featuring recycled content. At Bentley, carpet tiles feature an average 35% recycled content.

One of the major achievements has been the introduction of a 100% recycled PET backing for modulyss carpet tiles, comfortBack. The backing doesn’t compromise long-term performance.

Balta Home has taken a significant step towards a circular life cycle product with the New Generation range of rugs. Made from a single polymer to ensure easy recycling, the collection is a major step as some qualities are also made from 100% recycled PET.

Significant investment in our yarn extrusion facility in Turkey was made so that PET from recycled plastic bottles could be made into a yarn suitable for use in New Generation rugs. This investment has also enabled the introduction of several new lines in the RE-generation product line for Balta home.

Our products can help to lower the ecological footprint and to improve the living environment.

  • Energy saving:
    Dependent on the structure or density, a carpet can help to insulate a home against the cold. Our products help reduce energy consumption for heating by up to 12%.
  • Sound insulating:
    Carpet insulates against sound and creates a welcoming, cozy atmosphere. The result, a quieter, healthier way of life.
  • Recycling possible:
    Our carpets are manufactured from synthetic fibres or wool. They can be recycled or re-used in products such as insulation. Carpet waste can also be used to generate energy.
  • Safe:
    There is little risk to of slipping on carpet and the consequences of an accident on this floor are less severe than on hard flooring thus making it safer.
  • Improved indoor air:
    A textile floor helps to make a living environment healthier. It retains fine dust particles and ‘cleans’ the indoor air quality.
  • Easy to clean:
    Carpet can be cleaned and maintained very easily. It consumes less energy during the cleaning process than most other flooring products.
  • Easy to install:
    Our products can be installed with using eco-friendly methods such as stretching, fixation or adhesion (see adhesion products with eco labels).
  • Healthy:
    All our carpets are free of any harmful substances and are tested GUT to ensure a healthy product that enhances the quality of a living environment.
  • Quality tested:
    Our carpets conform with the relevant European Regulations and Norms. They are applied with severance and tested by independent laboratories.
  • Reach compliant:
    We are fully committed to the REACH guidelines on hazardous substances and make sure that all our raw material is in accordance with those regulations.
  • Eco friendly technology:
    Our product know-how supports continuous design of innovative features that further reduce the ecological footprint (e.g. carpets made from corn fibres).
  • Quality:
    Our textile products are produced in integrated production sites ensuring quality controlled processes and best performance in their respective price category.
  • Service:
    We ensure on-time, eco-friendly delivery by our effective production planning and by combining freight as much as possible.