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Health & Safety Policy Declaration

As floor covering manufacturer in Belgium, Turkey and USA, health and safety is a priority for all our locations, with the goal of recording zero accidents. Through the ‘One Balta for Safety’ program we have mapped out ways to achieve this objective, ensuring that the well-being of the people at the heart of the business are a top priority and that we operate a risk-minimising culture of safety above all else.

The Board of Directors has stated that safety is the number one priority for Balta. The ‘One Balta for Safety’ program’s aim is to pro-actively address the key risks found through our risk analysis and our thorough legal compliance audits of all departments and sites at Balta. We identified opportunities for improvement and it are these opportunities that are taken forward into ‘One Balta for Safety’.

The aim is to make sure safety is in the hearts and minds of all our people, including visitors and third parties, and that we deliver a change in attitude that along with our positive actions on reducing risk in the workplace helps to achieve our goal of zero accidents.