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People are the heart of our business

As an integrated floor covering producer with over 2,500 employees, people are at the heart of our business. The single most important factor in delivering our objectives is our vision to facilitate the development of our employees so that everyone across the organisation can fully engage with, and positively contribute to achieving our strategic goals. 

Through retention, talent development and training, talent acquisition, employee engagement, well-being and diversity, we can mitigate the risk of not having competent, motivated and dedicated teams working towards a shared objective of delivering long-term and sustainable growth to return value to shareholders. 

In our production and distributio centres in Belgium, Turkey and USA, health and safety is a priority for all our locations, with the goal of recording zero accidents. Through the ‘One Balta for Safety’ program we have mapped out ways to achieve this objective, ensuring that the well-being of the people at the heart of the business are a top priority and that we operate a risk-minimising culture of safety above all else.

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