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Environmental Policy statement

For Balta, a leading manufacturer of broadloom tufted carpets and rugs, the environment is one of the main concerns of its everyday policy. Balta is convinced that this policy will not only contribute to a sustainable development and to the preservation of our ecosystem, but also to a competitive advantage for the company itself.

The board of directors and the management of Balta Industries nv commit to:

  • comply with all applicable legal requirements and any other requirements that have been approved by the organisation and which relate to the environmental aspects of the company.
  • create a framework for the permanent determination, assessment and improvement of the environmental objectives and the environmental assignment proposal.
  • permanently improve and prevent environmental pollution.

This is translated into the following management objectives:

  • to carry out all economically sound energy-reducing measures.
  • to reduce water consumption, to reduce water discharge and to assess the re-use of water.
  • to take anti-noise measures in case of transgression of the legal norms.
  • to draw up the list of unclean water streams and to reduce them continually.
  • to avoid soil pollution.

The environmental achievements must be achieved by the constant updating and the focussed application of the ISO 14001-system, whereby the company commits itself to make the necessary resources available. As much as possible, these environmental achievements will be expressed and monitored in measurable indicators.

We realise, that taking care of the environmental policy implies a general and ongoing effort, for which every member of the Balta Group is concerned with his own sense of responsibility and his enthusiasm. Hence every internal and external member of the staff is regularly made aware of our environmental system.