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Management Committee

The Management Committee is composed of the CEO, who chairs the Management Committee, and the other members of the Management Committee. Such other members are appointed and removed by the Board of Directors upon advice of the CEO and the Remuneration and Nomination Committee. 

The Management Committee exercises the duties assigned to it by the CEO, under the ultimate supervision of the Board of Directors. It does not constitute an executive committee (“directiecomité” / “comité de direction”) within the meaning of Article 524bis of the Belgian Companies Code. The Management Committee is an informal executive committee within the meaning of Article 96§3 of the Belgian Companies Code.

The Company's Management Committee consists of the following members:


Name   Position
Cyrille Ragoucy   Interim Chief Executive Officer
Tom Gysens 1   Chief Financial Officer
Marc Dessein 2   Managing Director, Rugs
Lieven Vandendriessche 3     Managing Director, European Carpets & Tiles

(1) Tom Gysens provides services through Tom Gysens BVBA.
(2) Marc Dessein provides services through Marc Dessein BVBA.
(3) Lieven Vandendriessche provides services through Vandendriessche Consulting BVBA