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The Chaos of Casino Carpet
Balta Group

arc edition®, the commercial carpet brand of Balta, has been responsible for carpeting some of the world’s biggest and best casinos.

In fact, with its high-definition Chromojet printing technology and high-quality face cloths, arc edition is one of the only manufacturers in the world capable of delivering such bright and chaotic designs with the durability to withstand round-the-clock use. Undoubtedly some of the busiest designs in circulation today, casino carpets are not chosen purely for their ability to hide spilt drinks.

Since casinos began springing up in the Nevada desert in the early 20th Century, owners spent plenty of time and money working out how to keep people gambling for longer. Attention soon turned to the interior and it became apparent that it played a huge role in keeping tables busy and slots noisy. Wind forward more than 100-years and the case is still the same, with further research reinforcing the pioneers’ earlier findings.

Research has shown that an eclectic carpet leads to confusion and with no sense of direction or wayfinding. According to research, a busy design on the floor also creates an uncomfortable and confused feeling in the brain, resulting in a weakening of attention and making gamblers less aware of time.

Another theory is that these patterned carpets may have a sneaky side too, making it almost impossible to find dropped chips or coins, particularly if colours are carefully selected. Hours later, the brushes of the maintenance teams ‘discover’ these dropped chips and coins and the casino benefits, albeit in a small way.

How big the effect of these tricks is difficult to determine exactly, but in the world of gambling where psychological manipulation can be the difference between profit and loss, you can bet nothing is left to chance. Whatever the reasoning, there is no doubt that casino carpet is king of far-out pattern and responsible for some of the most interesting designs in commercial carpet.

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