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Balta slashes transport related CO2 emissions by 72% with move to inland waterway
Balta Group

Balta slashes transport related CO2 emissions by 72% with move to inland waterway

As we strive to reduce our environmental impact, Balta Group has dramatically reduced the road kilometres of its raw materials supply chain, enabling a major reduction in CO2 emissions.
Since 15 August 2019, about 75% of the 2,000 inbound containers from the port of Antwerp to the Belgian production sites of raw materials have been diverted from the road to river, reducing a roundtrip by road of 208km to just 6km. On a yearly basis, this will see Balta reduce the road kilometres for these 1,500 containers of raw materials by 97% from 312,000km to just 9,000km. The move towards water for these transports will result in a 72% reduction in CO2 emissions, with an annual drop of 257tonnes.
The move to water transport for raw materials ensures that Balta continues to further reduce its environmental footprint. Geert Vanden Bossche, marketing director, Balta Group:
“Making the transition towards water transport brings little in financial gain. The main reason for transporting raw materials by water is an environmental one with the reduction in CO2 too significant not to act upon. It also has the potential to make us more efficient by avoiding road delays in traffic hotspots, particularly with the expected impact of the roadworks planned for the Oosterweel project.”
Containers arrive at the local River Terminal in Wielsbeke (RTW) with Balta container carrier Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) to transport the raw materials to production sites in Sint-Baafs-Vijve and the weaving mill in Waregem. With a daily connection from Antwerp and barges taking two days to reach Container Terminal Wielsbeke, the service is reliable and efficient. RTW has recently improved facilities at Container Terminal Wielsbeke and is set to invest in a third berth.
Balta worked with Multimodaal Vlaanderen, a department of the VIL vzw (Flanders Innovation cluster for Logistics), helping Balta with the transition project. Balta will evaluate the new logistic flow and will look for more opportunities to move towards water-based transport for raw materials and goods. First steps were also taken to shift the remaining road transport to the night-time avoiding traffic jams especially with the planned major road works.
As part of Balta’s commitment to the environment, these steps demonstrate that the group is dedicated to finding ways of reducing the impact of every aspect of its operation from the raw material supply chain to manufacturing and product life cycle.

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Balta is a leading manufacturer of textile floor coverings, selling to over 130 countries worldwide. The Balta divisions are Balta Rugs (Balta home), Balta Residential Carpets & Tiles (under the brands Balta carpets, ITC and Balta carpet tiles), Balta Commercial Carpets & Tiles (under the brands modulyss, arc edition and Bentley), and Balta Non-Woven (under the brand Captiqs). With the addition of Bentley, Balta employs nearly 4,000 people in 10 manufacturing sites and distribution centres in Belgium, Turkey and the United States. 

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